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Large truck and trailer carrying a large portable building storage shed tiny home

Do you have a portable building that needs to be moved?
Are you planning to move and want to take your building with you?

We can move most* portable buildings that are built with runners/skids underneath. Contact us to see if we can move your portable building and we'll provide you with a quote. All quotes include delivery and re-leveling. 

* We cannot move metal shipping containers or metal storage pods. We cannot move carports or structures that don't have a floor. If it's not a Stor-Mor Portable Building, a Derksen Portable Building, or a Holden Building, we will require pictures and further information about the building to quote a building move. We may require measurements between runners. If the building is finished in any sort of way, we will require pictures of the inside of the building. Emptying the building before it's moved is recommended. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to move your portable building. 

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